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Wasps Nest Removal in Loft in Dalston

Homes all over the UK are in danger of wasps nests in the lofts. It is a very common site for wasps to build their wasps nests.

If you are sure that a wasps nest is present in your home, simply standing and watching for a few minutes is normally enough to establish where the wasps are flying to this is where the nest will be. A big wasps nest will have a a large amount of traffic arriving and leaving the nest all the time. Fascia board and soffit boards become old and worn at some stage with time. If the ends of the boards rot away they will then provide gaps where wasps can gain entry into your loft space. This is usually the place where a lot of electrical cables enter the house and there are small gaps are left around the cables when they were installed.

For wasps nests removal from lofts we use personal protection equipment which includes gloves, masks and glasses to protect the eyes from the chemical we're going to be spraying and we also need a lot of light in the loft to work.

We are very aware that the torch we use to start eradicating the wasps nest can be an attractant for the wasps so if we're going to treat a nest in the loft, we require an additional light source away from us. If you don't have a light in your loft we suggest assembling an electric light so that any stray wasps that are attracted and excited by the treatment do, go to the light and are not attracted to you or anyone else in the loft.

We use only proper products which are a wasp nest destroyer. The products will work from approximately twelve feet away from the nest. So as we enter the loft space, we have our equipment on then we spray the exterior of the wasps nest with this product. All that is left to do now is to allow a few seconds for this to work and then we move closer to the nest and then we administer more of the wasp nest destroyer completely soaking the nest in it.

Afterwards we use a stick or some implement to open the wasps nest and administer more wasp nest destroyer until the whole nest is saturated and then just let the chemical work.

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