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Wasp Eradication in Streatham

You may be thinking why would I need wasps eradication. There are methods in eradicating the problem yourself but a lot of these methods are just not safe and most of them not effective and you just end up irritating the wasps and putting yourself at risk of nasty stings. The wasp species which are known to be dangerous to human beings come under the stinging hornet and yellow jacket category.

These nests are made of chewed timber. She lays about 10 eggs in business which is about the size of a golf ball. These workers are going to take care of every baby wasp larva which is going to hatch from the 3000 eggs, which are going to be laid during the course of one summer. So now you know wasps are not something to be taken lightly. So get the best wasp control infestation for you right away by contacting one of our wasp eradication experts today.

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