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Wasps Nest Removal London

Wasps nest increase during in Harrow during Summer months

Harrow locals may notice the huge increase in wasps and wasps nests in the Harrow area. We are in the throes of a wasps epidemic - and according to the experts it's only going to get worse.

The heat is partly responsible for increasing the number of these menacing yellow and black creatures in the Harrow area. Because it's not just humans who've been loving this summer's extraordinary spell of long, scorching days and clammy evenings in the Harrow area. For wasps, hot weather is heaven because it means much improved breeding conditions they build the best wasp nests in the summer, and higher survival rates for the insects on which they like to feed. In other words, more grub.

So do the residents of Harrow know how many wasps are in this Country? No one knows exactly, but more than there are people at this time of year

This year’s unusually hot spring and summer has been identified as a likely cause for the increase of wasps and wasps nest in Harrow, with colonies becoming active earlier than in previous years.

The queen wasps will be busy preparing for the summer as the unseasonal warm weather creates the perfect conditions for wasps nest building both indoors and also outdoors. The queen wasp activity is crucial to the prevalence of wider wasp populations later on in the season we predict that wasps season will start a lot earlier this year in Harrow.

All wasps will defend their wasps nests. The yellow Jackets and hornets are the most aggressive. They can be distinguished from bees by their very slim waists. The yellow jacket colony will remain active only one summer, after which the queens flies away to start more colonies. The remaining ones die at the end of the summer, then the wasps nest will not be used anymore after that.

Some social wasps provide beneficial service by eliminating other pest insects through predation and should be protected and encouraged to nest in areas with little activities from people or animals. Many other animals prey on social wasps but none actually provides satisfactory biological control in home situations.

Best way to prevent nasty encounters with social wasps is to avoid them altogether. If you know where they are, try not to go anywhere near their wasps nest . Wasps become very defensive when their wasps nest is disturbed. Be on the lookout for wasps nests when outdoors. Wasps that are flying directly in and out of a single location are probably flying to and from their wasps nest. If wasp nests must be eliminated, it is easiest and safest to call us to safely remove the wasps nest.

Residents of Harrow need to worry unnecessarily if your home or property become a nesting place for these stinging creatures, as there are many ways you can rid yourself of a wasps and wasps nest problem for good. If you find an old wasps nest during winter or early spring, it can be safely removed and disposed of. As we know wasps do not reuse old wasps nests, so there is no risk to you when you are discarding it. Because of cramped space there is a big risk of being attacked by the wasps if you are attempting to remove their wasps nest from your roof best advice is to always seek the help of a pest controller, who will use specialist equipment, treatments and protective clothing to safely remove your wasps and wasps nest problems.

If you notice you have a nest it is important that you eradicate the problem immediately. We are able to provide treatment to wasps nests in Harrow whether it is in your loft, roof, gardens or even a wasps nest that are very high up wouldn’t be a problem for us to eradicate in one visit. If a rapid solution to a yellow wasps or wasps nest problem is essential, seek the assistance one of our professional pest control team who can use micro-encapsulated baits to control these pests we cover Harrow and many other areas in London. If you are opting for a do it yourself route options will include trapping wasps in baited traps designed for that purpose, perhaps removal of wasps nests in the early season or spraying the wasps nest with insecticide for that use.

We would advise anyone who finds a wasps nest in their home to stay away from it, as wasp stings can trigger fatal reactions in people who have an allergy to the stings. You should call in a firm who specialise in wasps and wasps nest control. If you have a wasp or wasps nest problem you can always give us a call and speak to one of our experts who will be happy to advise you and if needed we will come out to your home to safely remove the wasps nest or wasps problem.

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