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Wasp Control Services:

Common Wasp Species in Pentonville

The most common wasp species is a yellow jacket wasp. They were accidentally introduced to New Zealand the 20ís (1920 onwards). Being a eusocial vespid which builds their grey paper wasps nest underground they often use abandoned mammal hole as a start for the site for the wasps nest which is then enlarged by the workers. The queen may also select a hollow trees, wall cavity, or rock crevice for a nest site. The yellow jacket wasp is very similar to the German wasps but if seen head on their face lacks the three black dots that German wasps have and it does not have their back covered in black spots.

Every wasp colony includes 1 queen and a number of sterile workers. Colonies last one year usually. Common and widespread wasps collects insects including caterpillars to feed to its larvae. The adults feed on nectar and sweet fruit. Common wasps will also attempt to invade honey bee nests to steal their honey the bees attempt to defend their nest by stinging the wasp to death.

A good way of helping prevent yellow jackets from building their wasps nest is to try keep trash and garbage sealed and away from your home. Clean up decaying wood, trees and landscape areas and stack woodpiles away from the house. If you can find a yellow jacket nest, control is fairly simple. Use an insecticide to treat the nest and the surrounding area. If you cannot immediately locate the nest, a residual insecticide may be used to repel and kill yellow jackets. If you need some help, contract us as it is not advised to wait til the wasps nests get bigger.

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